Ted Rogers (D-GA)

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Ted Rogers (D-GA)

Postby Prussian1871 » Thu Jan 12, 2017 1:49 am

Ted Rogers
Democratic Senator from Georgia


Basic Information
    Name: Theodore MacFeely Rogers
    Avatar: Fred Rogers
    Date of Birth: March 20, 1955 (62)
    Place of Birth: McRae, Georgia
    Residence: Gainesville, Georgia
    Educational Background: Shorter University (1976-1984) MDiv
    Professional Background: Family Peach Farmer (1963-1972, 2003-2004), United States Navy Seal (1972-1976), Southern Baptist Minister (1984-1986), Educator (1986-2003), Television Personality (1990-2003), Senator of Georgia (2005-Present)
    Party: Democratic Party
    State: Georgia

Born in the rural town of McRae, Georgia, Rogers grew up in an impovished family of four. His father, James Rogers, was a peach farmer and for the early part of Ted Rogers's live he helped out picking peaches on their farm. Soon after finishing highschool Ted Rogers became a Navy Seal and was sent off to fight in the Vietnam War. There he saw most of his action in Hue where he was stationed, gaining 25 confirmed kills as a sniper and was awarded the Purple Heart after his service. Like most people, the war had changed Rogers. He had grown deeply sick of the violence and death that the war brought, and sought a moral compass to guide him on new, just path.

Leaving the Navy soon after the war ended, Rogers attended Shorter University where he earned his Seminary degree and became a minister in the Gainesville Southern Baptist Church. While he enjoyed preaching the teachings of Christ to lost souls, he found a particular passion helping teach children during Sunday school. Rogers left his ministerial position after just two years and instead went to focus on helping children learn. Becoming an educator, Rogers found luck when he was a chance to host his own television progam: "Mister Rogers Neighborhood". The show was focused towards young children, with Mr. Rogers talking about a wide range of lessons, issues, and knowledge to mold an ethical, honest, samaritan generation. It proved to be a hit, with millions of children tuning in for the thirteen years it ran for. On the final episode, Rogers stated that he would return to peach farming and continue his work towards a better society.

While Rogers had mostly remained quiet on religion and politics during his time on "Mister Rogers Neighborhood", he had identified largely with the evangelical left since his service in Vietnam. Privately Rogers had become much more active in political topics, and began to develop distain for the conservative Georgia Senator Zell Miller. He was not alone, as some Democrats wished to oust Miller via primary for his support for Bush-style policies. In what the media discussed without seriousness as a hypothetical celebrity candidate, Rogers shocked the Peach state by announcing his candidacy for Senate. At the start of the campaign Rogers ran to the center-left on economics, foreign policy, and domestic policy, while subscribing certain culturally conservative ideas such as the Consistent Life Ethic. Rogers described Miller as a Bush Democrat, and criticized him for being out-of-touch with the party while he harkened back to Carter-esque policies of honesty and integrity in government. This paid off, as the Former President had endorsed Rogers before the primary allowing him to defeat his opponent. In response Miller launched an independent campaign, causing a three-way race between Rogers, Miller, and Isakson. For much of the campaign Rogers remained third behind the incumbent Senator and congressman, leading pundits to believe his campaign had flopped. But in an eleventh hour gain, Rogers pulled off a victory with a last surge in youth voters. The so-called "Rogers generation" along with appeal to the long neglected religious left had delievered him victory.

In the Senate Rogers aimed to focus on his key issues: education and government integrity. In both 2010 and 2016, Rogers fought hard for reelection and despite Republican hopes to win his seat won both times. Rogers remains a distinct voice in the Democratic caucus, being a notable member of the small religious left faction inside the party.

— Background —

Age: 62 [10]
Race/ Ethnicity: White/ Caucasian [0]
Gender: Male [0]
Sexuality: Heterosexual [0]
Religion: Southern Baptist [0]
Family: Rosanna Rogers (Wife), Jackson Rogers (Son), Ann Miller (Daughter) [0]
Class: Born to poor family [15]
K-12 Education: Public School [0]
Higher Education: Seminary [3]
Civilian Career:
Educator [3 points]
Farmer [3 points]
Minister [2 points]
Television Personality [2 points]
Political Activist [3 points]
Military Career: E-4 Navy Seal sniper [5]
Federal Political Office: Two Senate Terms [9]
Purple Heart [10]
Famous Celebrity from Mister Rogers Neighborhood [17]

Total: 72
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Sen. Ted Rogers of Georgia

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Re: Ted Rogers (D-GA)

Postby Jewell » Thu Jan 12, 2017 8:06 am

I love you so much right now...
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Re: Ted Rogers (D-GA)

Postby Bridges » Thu Jan 12, 2017 1:43 pm

This made me LOL. :lol:
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Re: Ted Rogers (D-GA)

Postby Jonathan » Thu Jan 12, 2017 7:30 pm

You lost the 2016 election to a cartoon character. How will you ever be a good Senator? :P

I have a feeling only he and I will get this reference...
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